Welcome to The Adventures of Paul and Sue! Since getting married in 2013 we’ve been pursuing our dream of living an adventure filled life for Jesus. Right now we are living in a 1988 Escaper Motor Home in Oregon. We are exploring long-term travel, ecotourism, zero waste living, foraging, minimalism and much more. We want to create a hub of alternative living content and awesome photography that will inform and inspire people to live and travel more sustainably; we hope that you’ll join us on our adventures!


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  1. Great site, you two. Thank you so much for the follow. I’ll try to keep it interesting in my pocket of the Internet. Keep the great stories coming.

    All the best,

    Nick Fox

  2. Hi, thanks for following and liking my post. Your site looks awesome, will definitely be trying out some of your tips and destinations!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Love your story and your site! Looking forward to reading more of your amazing stories. -Yami

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