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What comes to your mind when you read the word, “Romania”? Let me guess, you think about it for a minute, and Transylvania comes to mind, which leads you to blood sucking vampires and Dracula. Or maybe you’re spending this time trying to remember where Romania actually is,…

Sweets for the Sweet

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I would like to take a minute and acknowledge the vast amount of dessert options in Romania. As an American, I am very used to saying, “No, I am so full” when the waiter asks if he/she can bring a dessert menu. In Romania, you order all…

Hospital Visit

Last week I led the base intercession time and it went really well. Sandy is here now doing ministry with me, which has been such a blessing. We are still working with Aquaponics and the International Cafe. We have also been working alongside some of the ministries that the team from London has been doing. … More Hospital Visit