Our Motorhome Project

We bought a 1988 Escaper Motorhome! We found an awesome deal and decided to pull the trigger. We’re planning on fixing it up to eventually live in. We’re super busy with work and school so it’s been slow going, but here are some pictures of what’s going on so far:

Homemade Yogurt

Why make homemade yogurt? Because it saves so so so much plastic! There are no preservatives and it’s cheap too. We have been trying to use (a little) less plastic these days and saving plastic on grocery items can be hard. Yogurt is a no brainer though, especially individually packaged yogurt containers, are a huge … More Homemade Yogurt

20 Things You Can Do To Become A More Sustainable Traveler

Improve the positive impact of your travels with these 20 easy tips! 1. Don’t buy ivory souvenirs. 2. Turn off the water while shaving or shampooing. 3. Seek out unique destinations. 4. Eat less meat and more vegetables. 5. Ride rented bikes. 6. Choose a “green hotel” or eco lodge that uses alternative energy sources, … More 20 Things You Can Do To Become A More Sustainable Traveler

Life Update

For awhile we were doing so good with posting a weekly update and we totally dropped the ball, so to make up for lost posts here goes one major life update all at once: “What are you guys doing now?” is the constant question people have been asking us since we’ve been back from Rwanda. … More Life Update