Here’s the info. about our Discipleship Training School:

I would like to share a few things about our base, because the DTS is not a separate program but it is hosted by our YWAM base. We are 19 staff at our base. We have 4 married couples. All of us are fulltime YWAM staff at Athi River Base. We also have some short termers passing by to serve.

  Our Mission Statement:
We are called to evangelize, disciple and train people of all backgrounds, ethnic groups, ages and gender. We believe we have a major part to play in reaching the children and youth in this area and beyond. In doing this we are fulfilling the Great Commission.
We run a small pre-school with 13 kids at the base reaching out to the local community around us. We hope to expand to Primary level, as education is one of the ways to serve the community. Our Motto is based on Luke 2: 52. Growing physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. If you love small kids this is a great opportunity to invest your time with us in that ministry. You can help the bigger ones academically, play and tell stories with the smaller ones.
            We have the evangelism team (Operation Andrew) reaching out to the lost with much compassion. We minister in the many local schools around us and we also desire more involvement in sport ministries with the high school nearby. Soccer and volley ball are the most common games around. We also want to get more involved with HIV/AIDS ministry in conjunction wih the government hospital in a nearby small town and in the local market place, which is a famous truck stop.
           The DTS consists of 12 weeks lecture and 8 weeks outreach. During the lecture phase we cover topics like Fatherheart of God, Missions, evangelism, forgiveness, world view, intercession, character and nature of God, Lordship of Christ, spiritual warfare and so many more. We have small groups, work assignments, and many other learning experiences during the DTS.
               We live in a rural area 50 km away from Nairobi city. We have gazelles and antelopes around us and at times we spot giraffes. Different birds are gracing some of our trees.
Our living conditions are extremely basic. Simple dorms,  that are shared by about 4 students. Showers are taken with buckets and are not inside the dorms. We have only 2 sit down toilets the rest you squat and they are also out of the dorms. This information is not meant to discourage you but we just want to make sure you know that life will be adventurous around here and you will have to beat farewell to your comfortable bed, car etc. Our diet is also basic BUT fruits and other things that you might desire can be easily purchased in nearby markets. We have electricity which is 220-240Volts. If you bring electrical appliances such as laptops, digital camera, battery chargers etc. you will need a step-down converter.
            Our DTS cost 2000 US$ plus 100 USD registration.( All fees inclusive of registration should be paid upon arrival preferably in cash. We do not allow check payments but can receive the fees via bank to bank but all commission would need to be covered by you. 25 USD are required for an entry visa which will be easily issued to you upon arrival at the JomoKenyatta Airport in Nairobi. Your school fees cover tuition, accommodation  and outreach. If the school outreach will be across the Kenyan borders, the outreach cost will slightly increase, due to necessary visa and extra transport cost but you would be informed of the change early enough. Malaria prevention would be necessary as well which costs here 12 USD for a month.(This figure apply to a weekly prevention tablet called Lariam or Mephaquin. A typhoid and rabies jab is probably also advisable. We recommend that you do all vaccines at home and you will need a vaccination certificate booklet indicating that you have all necessary jabs. Yellow fever, tetanus Hepatitis A + B Just ask your doctor for the latest info he has concerning entering the tropics for a few months.

Our next intake is  February 7th 2011 with graduation on 1st July 2011 and another intake in October 3rd  2011 with graduation on 24th February 20I2 am attaching the forms in MS Word 2003 format. Please fill in all relevant information and email us the form back through scanning or just filling into the word files. Any more questions feel free to ask.”
Check out the website too: www.ywamafrica.org/East/kenya/athi/index.html and a more updated one onwww.ywamathiriver.org

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