So far, so good!

Today was great, we only worked 10 hours 🙂 Meaning we had time to do all kinds of stuff, but still got some overtime pay. We even got to shop at the “Goodwill” at the hatchery. On the upstairs level there’s a little room filled with things that people have left in there rooms that’s up for grabs, so I took this sweet/really terrifying shirt:

The shirt…

Me cutting the fish open to collect the otoliths

My job today, “Otolith Colletor” it’s actually pretty cool, I get to dissect the fish and take out a teeny tiny bone that’s in the inner ear called an otolith. I put it into a petri dish and once I have 200 otoliths I take them to the lab and put chemicals in them to preserve them so they can be tested later. Daniel had the exact same job!


My job is a “sampler” I take samples of the spawn, run buckets, record data and do other odd jobs around the hatchery. I can’t believe how much different this is than the cannery it’s nuts!



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