Another great day on the coast!

Today was another beautiful, hot and humid day in Mombasa! We went to Mombasa Pentecostal Church, it wasn’t the greatest service but we met up with Racheal there and went into town to try and find some lunch, which was a lot more complicated than it sounds. We first were looking for a place to get indian food because Mombasa is known for it’s cheap indian food street vendors. After asking around we got directions to a restaurant that looks like it’s in full swing but really they don’t have any food, just decorations, waiters and nice looking signs. Then we wandered down Jomo Kenyetta Road until we found a small hotel (cafe), only to find that they don’t have the ingredients to anything we ordered (we forgot momentarily that here in Kenya you  ask if they have the ingredients to make the food before you order), so after a lunch of bananas and pilau (which was delicious) we got Ice Cream and caught up about life after DTS. God’s perfect timing is amazing, we were able to really encourage and pray for one another because God brought us back together again in Mombasa. Then we went to the local second hand clothes market where you can expect to spend no more than a total of $ 0.50 USD on multiple clothing items! We were going to meet up with Henry at Nyali beach but, T.I.A, two hours later we met up and had a blast swimming and talking and running up and down the beach. Tomorrow we have plans to get together with Henry, Racheal and Kevo and spend the day at Henry’s house and go back to the beach in the evening! Can’t wait for what God has in store for us tomorrow, thank you for all your prayers. Even during these few days that we have to relax after ministry God has been so present in all of our plans. He has brought the right tuk tuk drivers, friends of Hebron and Henry and complete strangers at the perfect time in order that we don’t get lost or even charged too much for a fare! God is so good!


One thought on “Another great day on the coast!

  1. Ma gurlzzz! Party Hardy for me there! I wish I could be with youuu! I love you both and am praying for you tons! Say hello to Rachel, Kevo and Henry.. I miss you all tremendouslyyyy! Keep rockin'! 🙂

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