Just wanted to say: Asante Sana! Hebu enda followers! Our Kenyan adventure has come to a close and we are off to Naknek Alaska once again, where it all began. We leave for Naknek on Monday and would appriciate your prayers for this new adventure. We are excited about what God is doing in our lives and are seeking him for the next step. Neither of us have any idea of what that is right now, but we can’t wait to find out! 


“In case you don’t hear from me in person, I want to tell you a little about my trip! I went to Kenyawith an interdenominational missions organization called Youth with A Mission, or YWAM. YWAM’s mission statement is: To know God and to make him known.
The school I attended was called Discipleship Training School, or DTS. DTS starts with three months of lecture phase, followed by two months of outreach. My DTS class was made up of twenty-six students from around the world. During our lecture phase, we lived and went to class on the YWAM Athi River Base in Machakos, Kenya. The base hosts short-term teams, has a pre-school and a child sponsorship program. The base is extremely remote, with no running water and occasional electricity.


During lecture phase we focused on Knowing God. Speakers came and taught us different subjects every week; some of the subjects were: Hearing God’s Voice, the Father heart of God and The Kingdom of God. Lecture phase was a time of personal growth for me and my entire class. We got to know each other, Kenya and we all grew closer to God.
During outreach phase we focused on making him known. We were able to go to eight different locations, from the Mombasa Coast to West Pokot. At each location, we would partner with the local church in the area and do whatever was needed. Most often we would do door-to-door evangelism during the day and hold a revival meeting at night for the community.  We also worked with orphanages, led church services, preached, held a Vacation Bible School, visited schools, performed skits and did beach ministry. We all had the chance to preach and teach in situations that were new and challenging. Throughout our outreach God’s faithfulness was so apparent. There were times when we didn’t have water or a place to stay, but God was faithful to provide our every need so that we could serve him. 


Throughout my DTS your prayers were evident. In October, Kenyawent to war with Somaliaand despite being in very dangerous situations; God protected our entire team in miraculous ways.
Thank you so much for supporting my trip!”

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