The REI Daypack of Your Dreams!

I just bought an REI daypack and I couldn’t be happier! I have been traveling with an old school backpack that I bought in an open air market in Kenya as my carry-on item and as my daypack. It was cool looking, but impractical. It had tears all over it that I continually had to mend and it was heavy. I decided I needed something else for our upcoming trip to Alaska and found a great new pack from REI! I usually don’t buy anything new, but at 29 bucks I thought this pack was a pretty good deal.

The REI Stuff Travel Daypack in Taro Leaf!


It’s a 22 liter pack but it only weighs 10 ounces! It has two large side pockets for easy access of water bottles or snacks. It has a small top compartment with a zipper closure and one large drawstring compartment that can hold tons of stuff. If you don’t overpack it (less than 15 pounds) the straps are comfortable too! The best part is that the entire pack folds up into it’s own stuff sack super easily. It’s carry-on size and made of ripstop nylon. So, with this new pack no more tears and it’s pretty cool looking too!


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