Surviving War, Fighting River Blindness and Not Giving Up:

Edward Echwalu - Documentary Photographer

“River Blindness….?” Christopher Oulanyah, a carrier of the disease over the last decade pauses, takes a few seconds to ponder his next words and then, with a light smile continues, “….15 years ago, that was the least of my worries.”B88K0561

“A portrait of Christopher Oulanyah, 65yrs, who suffers from River Blindness. Christopher says his village was infested with flies that would bite and cause body itches. By then, he thought the itches were normal until the itches and other body changes intensified. “I started becoming concerned. It however took long for me to take serious notice because priority at the time was keeping my family safe from the LRA war that was causing havoc to my village. This reluctance to seek medical advice eventually rendered me blind while at an Internally Displaced Camp.”

Christopher, in a leaned and soft tone narrates his battle with Onchocerciasis, commonly known as River Blindness.

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