5 Things You’ll Discover as a Young Married Man

Sue and I got married young. I was only 23 and Sue was only 20 years old when we decided to tie the knot! Most people were telling us to wait a few years until we were both older, but our restless hearts were compelling us to pull the trigger.

I want to make a note here quickly that we were not eager for a wedding. I feel that lots of young couples marry early because they “hear wedding bells” and are excited to plan a wedding and pick out a white dress and cake and stuff like that. Even though we were thrilled to embark on the wedding road as well, we were mostly excited to get married and be together as husband and wife.

Sue and I have had so many outrageous adventures in the entire duration of our relationship, but the adventure of being married has engulfed and fueled all of them. Here are 5 things I discovered about being married as a young man.


  1. Some foods aren’t meant to be eaten for dinner

Before marriage I used to cook pretty much just for myself. That meant that I mostly ate cereal, eggs, and cheese. After you get married you will find that your wife may not be as content with a mostly dairy diet like you are. You will have to learn new things that you can make. Also you will learn which meals are breakfasty, lunchy, or dinnery. Like myself, you will probably become excited about the fancy new things you learn to cook and enjoy the dinners you make for you and your wife. (Sue still enjoys the occasional “EggMcpaul” or bowl of cereal I make us for breakfast too.)

  1. Feelings are good

As a single man I was hardly ever asked how I was doing. Maybe a few times visiting relatives or at church. But it was asked more as a gesture of greetings. Since getting married, I am expected to voice my emotions on a daily basis. This has helped me discover my own feelings. Voicing them out loud frequently is a good way to get in touch with your inner self and have a more acute understanding of your emotions. Which sounds girly, I know, but it’s great!

  1. Pinterest

You may think that you will never have a Pinterest account but it will happen sooner or later. No more randomly cutting your hair yourself in the bathroom. Your wife will see you grab the scissors and stop you and make you pin a bunch of haircuts displayed by male models. You will choose aspects of a few of your favorite ones, and then together you will attempt to reconstruct a haircut from your new Pinterest board labeled “Hair Ideas”.

  1. There is a difference between a skirt and a dress

You will quickly learn the difference between a skirt and a dress. You will no longer refer to a shirt as just a shirt but rather call it a blouse or a crop top or a flannel or a pullover and so on. Your wife will model different outfits for you and you will give solid input.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.26.06 PM

  1. You should tell your friends you love them

Naturally you will become friends with your wife’s friends, and vise versa. Sometimes you will throw parties that intertwine both friend groups and hilarious fun situations will occur. New best friends will be made from each of your friends. One of the many things Sue has taught me is how to let love grow. My conversations with and passion for people has blossomed since marriage, and being young while married makes it so easy to remain social. Mary a girl that likes to rage at a party and together your rage will explode.

Getting married young has been awesome. Growing together and growing up together is not a straight leisurely road but rather a windy, confusing road and I personally do not wish for anything else.


One thought on “5 Things You’ll Discover as a Young Married Man

  1. Great post Paul, with just the right amount of humor and touchy-feely. BTW, is that a photo of Jesus on your Pinterest page? Terri and I married relatively young also, and to use your words – we’ve grown up and grown together as well. We were high school sweethearts, and after 42 wonderful years, we’re still on the road together – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. ~James

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