Polaroid Impulse AF

I recently bought my first Polaroid Camera and I’m in Love! After reading online and talking to a few friends I decided to order the Polaroid Impulse AF. The best online resource I found was Dan Finnen’s post on Polaroids.

Although the Impulse isn’t a pretty looking camera, I decided to go with it because of its automatic focus feature and the fact that it’s relatively sturdy. Some of the other models aren’t as sturdy and there are lots of broken polaroids being sold on eBay. Because of the film being so expensive, most of them haven’t been tested. I decided to be safe and go with a sturdier model. I ordered the cheapest one I found on eBay


I also ordered some Impossible Project Film. When they finally came I eagerly tested out my new camera and… it works perfectly!

Here’s the first picture I took on it:Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.52.41 PM.png

It’s super dark, I know. I’ve already learned how to use it better and gotten some great shots out of it. The tracks were clean when it came in the mail, it feels sturdy, it comes with a shoulder strap and the sonar autofocus system works wonderfully. I love my new camera and am so excited to take more awesome shots!


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