Anecdote Podcast

“Join us in Ethan’s breakfast nook/recording studio as we meet and have real conversations with real people. We believe that each and every person has a story to tell, a concept to share, or an idea to express. Listen to raw dialog as we get to know a new human being each week.”

It all started during a house warming party in our friends apartment. A group of our friends and us were talking, and mostly joking, that our conversations should be recorded on a podcast. Our friend group consists of artists, engineers, nurses, musicians, athletes, hippies, nerds… the list could go on forever.

The next day our friend Ethan got together with us and we decided to actually do it. Ethan has a music degree and his apartment looks like a recording studio so he already had all the equipment it would take. And like I mentioned before, we knew so many different kinds of people who all have interesting stories and ideas to share. And those people know people with stories and ideas to share.

We had the resources. We didn’t want this to be another thing that we just talk about. We are actually doing it. We started small, recorded and introducing ourselves. Then we recorded a couple interesting friends we know. Believe it or not, we’re on iTunes!

We called it Anecdote. It means stories basically. Also Ethan and Sue didn’t like my original idea Man I Am. It sounded too male oriented which the podcast is not. Anyway, check it out!


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