Weekly Update | Geocaching and New Friends

This week in Rwanda has been awesome. We’re becoming friends with all of our students in the Discipleship Training School, and getting to know them better and better.


Sue and I are coordinating speakers for our weekly lectures. We couldn’t find anyone to come next week, so I reluctantly volunteered to teach on the cost of discipleship. I’m not generally keen on speaking in front of people. I am trying to grow myself and become better though. So I’ve been preparing a PowerPoint. I haven’t created a PowerPoint presentation since I was in school, and my skills have dramatically declined. But it’s okay; it will work out.

We made friends with our new neighbor. He’s nineteen and working with a coffee company out of Alesund Norway. Rwanda has wonderful coffee. Naturally of course that’s exactly the activity we chose to do with him. We walked to our favorite café here and talked for hours. It was great. Sue can engage people in conversation like a therapist, or a hair stylist.

This weekend we went all over the city Geocaching. We took motos and walked and climbed. We finally made it to the exact location the coordinates brought us to; a motel overlooking the city. We searched all around dismissing waiters and guards, tromping through bushes, peeking in the private rooms. Finally the manager found us. He knew what we were up to and gave us a clue that it was over by the entrance gate. We thanked him kindly and ran like deranged children to the gate and started ripping up the bushes there. We looked everywhere for over an hour! I even searched every stone in the brick wall to see if there was an Indiana Jones secret loose brick. Nothing.

One of the guards came over and motioned to us that the Geocache was right there by the gate where we were looking. I asked if he could show me. He shook his head smirking malevolently. We searched and searched. I picked up every old piece of trash and inspected it like a DEA detective. Nothing. I begged the guard, “please, can you show me?” He repeated his gesture of denial.

We searched some more and I asked him one more time, “I can’t find it. Do you know where it is?” He nodded with the same smirk. “Can you show me please? I can’t find it anywhere.” He shook his head again and smiled. I was his source of entertainment for the evening. I guess I don’t blame him for not wanting to end it.

Either way though we had to go. Slightly disappointed but grateful for the adventure. We got some motos and proceeded home. Sue’s moto driver couldn’t get his bike up the hill though. He had to stop and ask Sue to dismount so that they could push his bike along the highway to the nearest bus stop where he flipped it upside down and violently kicked it. Somehow this did the trick and they were able to continue on.

Just another week here. The adventure never ends.


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