10 Super Cheap Things To Do In Kigali


  1. Climb Mount Kigalidsc_0037

Although not really a “mountain”, hiking Mount Kigali is a really fun day hike with incredible views of the City. Once you start to hike uphill the shops and stores dwindle out until you are surrounded by small family coffee gardens and occasional homes. It’s so quite and beautiful, especially compared to the loud busy city of Kigali.

  1. Go on a sunset motari ride

dsc_0199Motorcycle taxis, or Motaris, are the most common mode of transportation in Kigali and are a lot of fun. Take a Motari ride around the city as the sun is setting and enjoy all of the beautiful views and hills of Rwanda. All for around 500-800 RWF (about $1.00 USD) depending on how far you want to go.

  1. Go out for Brochettesbrochettes

Brochettes are a local favorite that you can find in any bar in town. Goat, beef, chicken or fish brochettes are all around 800-1500 RWF ($1.00-$2.00USD) and so delicious! Served with chips or deep fried potato wedges (Ibiraryi).

  1. Shop at Kimironkobananas

Kimironko is a huge, loud, chaotic open-air market where you can find everything from dried fish to used clothing. Go prepared to barter and make a deal! You can buy all sorts of fruits and vegetables, food, household items, jewelry, handicrafts and much more!

  1. Get clothes made just for yougitenge

All over Kigali you will find small seamstress shops selling beautiful Gitenge fabric. You can walk into a shop, find an awesome piece of hand-died fabric and sit down with the seamstress to have them make whatever handmade clothing you want. Return the next day or so to pick up your beautiful creation! It depends on what you have them make and the amount and kind of fabric you choose, but a pair of harem pants will cost you around 10,000 RWF ($12.00USD).

  1. Visit Ivuka Artsivuka-arts.jpg

Ivuka Arts is a wonderful little art studio down a quite dirt road that also has Aribnb guest rooms on the compound. Go to check out the art, or even call ahead and paint along with an artist in the studio. They have a group kitchen for the guest rooms and traditional dancers in the evenings.

  1. Stay with a Couchsurfing hostwpcvixdvoyq-marvin-meyer.jpg

Kigali has a large population of foreigners and travelers check out the Couchsurfing hosts in the city for a weekend away. Meet some wonderful people and swap travel stories.

  1. Drink Rwandan Coffee in a Caféicayi

Rwandan coffee is excellent and word renowned. There are so many coffee shops throughout the city of Kigali to visit! Some great ones are: Inzora Rooftop Café, Question Coffee Bar, Aromas Coffee, Neo Cafe and RZ Manna just to name a few!

  1. Shop at Caplaki Craft VillageIMG_7815.jpg

Caplaki Craft Village is a small art co-op that has beautiful artwork, jewelry and handicrafts all for sale in one place. With reasonable prices and a wonderful variety, Caplaki is a wonderful place to shop!

  1. Go out for AkaBenzAkabenz.jpg

AkaBenz is pork dish named after the Mercedes Benz. Only found in one bar in town called the Come Again Bar located in Remera. The bar is always packed with locals and a really fun authentic cultural night out experience and definitely off the beaten path.


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