Weekly Update | House Sitting

This week we had another opportunity to house/dog sit. We were so excited to be able to have a house to ourselves, and also to see our dog friend. We would post pictures of her because she’s so cute, but thats a little creepy since she’s not actually our dog. We had a really fun time though.

Sue has been super busy creating a website for YWAM Rwanda. She is basically a computer hacker master now and I know the base will be so happy with her finished website. We can post a link so you can check it out once it’s up.

We’re getting ready to go on outreach soon. Sue met with a woman who works in the Mahama Refugee Camp about donations and getting our team into the camp. We have to apply with the Rwandan government to get clearance to go into the camp, but it looks like we will be able to. Our school prayed about outreach individually and then we all came together and compared what God said. It was amazing because everybody got the same specific words and pictures!

The speaker this week was Mary Kamanzi, her and her husband pioneered the base here over 25 years ago. She spoke about relationships. She was really good and asked Sue and I to help her by sharing some things as well as our personal story.

We’ve been jetting around on moto taxis as usual, however yesterday Sue got on an extremely crazy moto and they swerved all around dodging trucks and peds and almost smashed a bus! The guy slammed the brakes so hard that Sue’s face smashed into the back of his helmet and her visor ripped off! The motari pulled a U-ie and went the wrong direction in traffic until they found the visor in the road and then made Sue hop off and retrieve it. It was nuts. Sue loved it, and I didn’t know what was happening I just saw them laughing as they pulled up way later than me.

Yesterday we stayed at the Quiet Haven Hotel in exchange for a feature right here on our blog! It was one of the most relaxing places we’ve ever been. We thought the name was random, but somehow it is a quiet haven. We’ll post details about our stay sometime this week. Been another adventurous week here in Rwanda. Thanks for staying updated with our adventures.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update | House Sitting

  1. Sounds like a crazy week and house sitting can be fun yet strange at the sometime. Glad all went well with the visor. We serve our fellow citizen here at home that need help.

  2. It is nice to experience something like this having a dog is also no less than a blessing and a perfect mate is like cherry on the icing. What can make an evening better when you have things like this and good food.

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