Heaven Restaurant and Boutique Hotel

When we first walked into Heaven we were greeted by Ali at reception, he was super nice and friendly and helped us check in really quickly. He answered all of our questions and showed us to our room.



There is a shared lobby area with couches that you walk through to get to your room. Our room had a separate bathroom area that was really clean. Our room itself had a little patio area with chairs and a small table in front of a little garden.


Our room had water, a water heater, coffee, tea, sugar, powdered milk and a french press!


They offer a ride service to anywhere in the city and even laundry services (which we probably should have utilized but didn’t).

The Heaven Restaurant is up the road a little ways and is beautiful. They have an amazing story too! They give back to the community in awesome creative ways. Speaking of the owners Alissa and Josh Ruxin:

“Her passion shifted when she moved to Rwanda. Through her volunteer work with Generation Rwanda, an organization providing university scholarships for orphans, she became inspired to do something for the many Rwandan youth who found themselves unemployed and without the resources to pay for higher education.

Alissa decided to create a business offering vocational training and employment for young adults and Heaven Restaurant & Boutique Hotel was born.

Since opening, Alissa has actively managed and trained Heaven’s staff in all areas of hospitality including customer service, culinary skills, housekeeping, security and office administration.

She enjoys spending time with her three children, long family walks on Rwanda’s beautiful hillsides, and dreaming up new ways to expand and enhance Heaven’s contribution to Rwanda.

Josh’s interest in great food and service have long been a passion, and he spends summers cooking massive multi-course dinners for his extended family and friends.  During Heaven’s first years he was at various times a bartender, rear waiter, busboy, front waiter, maitre de, and executive chef.”

We ate dinner in their restaurant on Friday night and it was some of the best food we have ever had.


In the morning we headed back to the restaurant for their amazing continental breakfast.

DSC_0090 Overall, Heaven is a great place to stay, we can’t recommend it enough. To book a room or check out the restaurants menu, head to their site.


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