20 Things You Can Do To Become A More Sustainable Traveler

Improve the positive impact of your travels with these 20 easy tips!

1. Don’t buy ivory souvenirs.

2. Turn off the water while shaving or shampooing.

3. Seek out unique destinations.

4. Eat less meat and more vegetables.

5. Ride rented bikes.

6. Choose a “green hotel” or eco lodge that uses alternative energy sources, hires local employees and uses locally sourced products.

7. Don’t use hotel laundry. They wash each guest’s clothes separately, even if there are only a few items.

8. Ask if your hotel has recycling bins in rooms and common areas for guest use.

9. Leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door so that the housekeeping staff won’t clean your room every day. This will save on chemical cleaning supplies and the electricity of vacuuming and washing bedding.

10. Don’t support bear fighting.

11. Return brochures and maps after you’ve finished using them.

12. Travel with a tote bag, so you can shop without using plastic bags.

13. Pack things that can be washed in the sink and are quick-drying.

14. Walk.

15. Make sure the lights and TV are off when you leave your hotel room.

16. Don’t buy bottled water; bring a re-usable bottle and a water filter.

17. Respect local traditions.

18. Use only one bar of soap for both the sink and the shower, and take any leftover soap with you. The hotel will just throw it away if you leave it in the room.

19. Don’t feed any sort of wildlife.

20. Shop locally; find souvenirs made by indigenous artisans rather than mass-produced knock-offs.


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