Back in the lower 48!

So I see that all the posts that we made while in Naknek look like gibberish for some reason, I have no idea why. So I will sum up what we were trying to communicate. We had safe travels the whole time, minus a delayed flight out of Anchorage on the way there, everything else went smoothly. We were blessed with a wonderful time and appreciate the prayers and support from home! We made lots of amazing new friends who made the whole experience great. The season was cut short because of not very many salmon being caught, but that was a blessing in disguise because we were able to help with Jessica’s wedding and Corinne got to be there!! 🙂 We didn’t have any bear encounters, but were able to see some from a (safe) distance, and lots of tracks. We saw some bald eagles and the beautiful tundra around Naknek. Naknek, is a small fishing village in Bristol Bay. It is about 52 air miles east, and a little south, of Dillingham. Naknek shares the only paved road in the entire area with another village, King Salmon. It’s hard to describe how this place feels like a foreign country, so here are some pictures
The road leading to Downtown Naknek, from the cannery. The brown building you see on the top of the hill is the edge of ‘town”.
The only store in Naknek, The Naknek Trading Company
Naknek Trading Co.
What more could you need?
The cannery itself is on the bank of the Naknek River, along with lots of other companies canneries, like Peter Pan, who Daniel’s boat sells to. We both worked at the main plant, Sue in the “Egg House” processing salmon roe and Corinne in the Cannery running the “lid feed machine”. We stayed in the upstairs of Bunkhouse 88, one of the many packed two story dorms with seemingly hollow wooden floors where you can hear every ones echoing footsteps. Our window looked out onto the entire camp, a much better view than most people had. Here is the sign from the road.
Naknek river at low tide, looking out of the breakroom.

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