The Kenyan Adventure Begins

Our roomate Sheila beheads an antelope with African war paint on her face, we later had it for lunch.  

Petting the neighbors water buffalo

First matatoo ride into Nairobi

Giraffe sighting in the bush bush at the base

Our DTS all crammed into the same matatu

The neighbors lion!

 We’ve arrived safely and are settling in here at the YWAM Athi River Base. It’s really dry here, but beautiful there are lots of wild animals that we see almost everyday. We started class last monday and will hear from a new speaker each week until we are done with lecture phase and move onto outreach. There are 26 of us students in our DTS, 12 Africans and 14 other students from Canada, Germany, Netherlands and the US. We’re still getting to know each other but are becoming a good group. One of our neighbors near the base owns lots of land and raises lions, cheetahs, ostriches and water buffalos. So we’ve been able to visit them a couple times. Yesterday some girls from a nearby school came to the base and we visited with them and talked with them about thier futures. We’ve had an amazing time so far and are looking forward to our speaker for this next week who is actually from The States.


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