Life on Athi River Base

The night watchmen butchered this cow that died to make dog food. They also skinned it and will sell it’s hide.

Washing clothes by hand is an art, but we’re getting the hang of it

Everday we have “work duty” here we are cooking with Molly. She is a missionary from Brazil

Cooking chapatis on a jiko

Rolling out chapati dough

Mass producing chapatis!

Our dormitories, our roomates Sheila (from Canada) and lydia (from Kenya) stay in the room farthest to the right

Although the situation with Somalia is gettng worse, we are really safe here at the base becuase we are in the “bush bush”. We are not going into Nairobi because of terrorist threats, but everywhere we will be traveling on outreach are safe areas. Our speaker this week is Ted, from Winsconsin he has been a huge blessing and is an amazing speaker! This weekend we will be going to a local church to give out shoes collected by the church, thank you so much for all your donations, they will be a huge blessing!


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