Feeding fish…all day!


It’s still snowing like crazy here, so we can’t really go outside expect to walk from building to building because the snow is so deep. Our cook is here and a plane came last week with some groceries! No more eating pickles Jthe first three start tanks are filled now. That means that the fish are old enough to come out of the incubators (which are completely dark and they don’t get fed) and into a small “start tank” where they are fed 16 times a day and are able to swim around and be exposed to light. Each start tank has about a million fry in it. My job is to feed the fish every half hour, clean the tanks and to “pick morts”. When I pick morts I use a net and get all the dead fish out and record how many there were in each tank. There are 35 tanks in the incubation room, so either tomorrow or the next day we will let three more incubators full of fish out into the start tanks. I work in the incubation room alone right now because I can do all the work myself but once we have more tanks full of fish another seasonal will work with me to get to all the tanks. Everyone’s really nice (all five of them) and we all work well together. So far so good J

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