Almost on to month three

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long! Lots has happened! Paul got transferred to this site but along the way he worked at Wallly Noernberg, AFK, Port Chalmers and on the Aliganik (that probably means nothing to anyone but Daniel) so he’s been all over. Paul and I are both working in the “start-up” or “Incubation room”, so that means we feed fish and clean tanks all day. It’s really cool to see the whole process. The weather is still crazy and snowing all the time. I got a call from Alaska General Seafoods and will be going to work at the cannery in Naknek on June 21st.

This is one of the “Start tanks” black with salmon fry!


The Inc. room… much colder than it might look




The docks leading to the net pens and Main Bay


Main bay at low tide yesterday



It’s a wee bit chilly here

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