Hospital Visit

Last week I led the base intercession time and it went really well. Sandy is here now doing ministry with me, which has been such a blessing. We are still working with Aquaponics and the International Cafe. We have also been working alongside some of the ministries that the team from London has been doing.

The London team played “floor ball” or street hockey with local gypsy children living in the area and then did a short program with them, telling the gospel and doing a skit. Every saturday a couple from YWAM Constanta organizes playing floor ball with these kids. We joined in the floor ball game and helped anywhere we could with the program.


One of the kids who regularly comes to play floorball.

In intercession on Tuesday morning we prayed for the local hospital here in Constanta, a few people from the base shared that this hospital has been on their hearts and that they thought that God wanted YWAM Constanta to start some sort of a Hospital ministry. After intercession Sandy and I decided to go on a prayer walk to the hospital. We figured out how to get there and when we were there we followed some people inside. We met a man who spoke english and he told us how to get to the Children’s Ward of the hospital. We went and met the head of the ward and asked what we could do to help. She told us that it would be helpful to bring diapers. Today we went back to the hospital with diapers and coloring books and were able to pray for and lay hands on so many sick kids and babies. We are hoping that this will create an open door for YWAM Constanta to work with the Children’s Ward in the future. In Romania children can’t go to an orphanage until they are two years old, until then they live in the hospital. We would like to visit the orphan children, but the head of the pediatrics told us that it is illegal for them to receive visitors. We are praying that God will make a way for us to visit the orphans living in the hospital. The only people that these kids know are doctors and nurses who work in an understaffed hospital, so they don’t have much time to spend with these kids. We are hoping that we can create some type of ministry because we see a big need here.

Please continue to pray for our time here in Constanta that God will use us and continue to protect us. Despite the language barrier, we have been able to get around and do ministry on our own. We are leaving for Moldova on January 24th and will be there for the next month. While in Moldova, we will be working with YWAM Cahul and in a town called Tiraspol. Thank you so much for your much needed prayers and support!


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