Christina’s House


This picture doesn’t even begin to describe what happened this night! Christina’s wonderful mom came over and made us amazing Moldovan food…until three o’clock in the morning! She went down into their families cellar to bring us homemade cherry and apricot juice that she makes every summer. She doesn’t speak a word of English but that didn’t stop her from talking to Sandy and I all night long and giving us deep tissue back massages.


This is her family’s secret recipe of juice that she went down into the root cellar to get us.


These are the potato and beef placinta’s she made for us… she also made cabbage, pumpkin and cheese filled ones! She packed us lunch for the bus ride to Chisinau of all five kinds of placintas and boiled us eggs for our breakfast in the morning! When we went to bed at three in the morning she was still cooking for us!


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