We Made it to Moldova!

The past three weeks have been amazing and God has been watching out for us and protecting us in amazing ways! The first week we traveled to Chisinau and met Amy Mcgee and helped welcome a DTS team from Madison to Moldova and had an orientation about the social and political issues in Moldova. We stayed in Chisinau for three days seeing different ministry opportunities here and meeting people who work with Amy here in Moldova. Then we traveled to Cahul where we worked with a small YWAM base of four people and a salvation Army church. While in Cahul, we worked with homeless in the city, taught an English class, led small groups, girls groups, put on a children’s conference and visited a local orphanage. We then left Moldova and traveled to a town called Tiraspol in Transnistria where we stayed with a Russian girl named Christiana. She is the worship leader at a local church in Tiraspol and opened up her amazing home to us for one week. While in Tiraspol we attended a English club. The English club is put on by Christiana’s church, they have four three month courses going on all year back to back. In the morning they have lessons and in the evenings they have clubs where the students practice speaking English. They have students of all ages and we had amazing conversations about why we were in Transnistira and why we work with YWAM in general. After one week in Transnistira we traveled back to Chisinau. We will be here in Chisinau doing various ministries looking for more contacts and opportunities for future outreach teams. Tomorrow we will be traveling to a nearby village to visit a small church of eight. Here are some pictures all thanks to Sandy!

We stayed with this little girl and her parents in their apartment in the center of Cahul.
We stayed with this little girl and her parents in their apartment in the center of Cahul.

Our english class

Our english class


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