Sweets for the Sweet

Keeping up with the Carpathians

I would like to take a minute and acknowledge the vast amount of dessert options in Romania. As an American, I am very used to saying, “No, I am so full” when the waiter asks if he/she can bring a dessert menu. In Romania, you order all of your courses up front, so with your huge appetite and big fat American wallet, you’re like, sure, I’ll get that ice cream, it’s like 12 lei ($3ish). And so, I will begin a compendium of desserts that you will find and order in Romania.

Exhibit A – Papanași


Similar to American donuts, but different in that it is topped with some cream and blackberry jam. Holy hell, this should be the national dessert of Romania. After I concluded my quest to find the best iteration of this dessert, I discovered that papanași is my spirit animal.  Verdict: scrumptious.

Exhibit B- Cremşnit


Some kind of…

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