Bucharest – Eastern Europe’s Unknown Gem


So many guides show you the little wonders of Rome, London or Paris. Some even dare to propose Prague or Budapest, but how many are actually revealing more about Bucharest?


Located in the Southern part of Romania, this vibrant city has a lot to offer. From good food, to rich history and cheap cocktails, Bucharest can be an amazing city-break destination, while also opening your eyes to a new culture. Romanians are latin, loud and welcoming people, and a trip there will surely create memorable moments.

Here are some information and tricks for a first commer, that would help with organizing your trip. If you’re still not sure, read further – it might convince you that you won’t regret a trip in Eastern Europe’s little Paris.

Why was it called little Paris?

In the flourishing era between 1866 and 1946, Bucharest was developing at a high speed. Many buildings were…

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