Ugandan food

Michal Ratynski

Hello everyone!

I have been here for the last 6 weeks and it’s high time to tell you something about Ugandan food.

A traditional dinner consists of starches, ground beans sauce (the purple one), a small portion of meat.

Well, I should describe it briefly: it’s simple, it’s filling and it’s rather monotonous. I must admit food is one of my biggest challenges in Uganda but I learnt to accept it and minimise some tensions attached to it simply by buying extra products I got used to at home from local supermarkets.

After talking to several people, I realised Ugandans don’t pay too much attention to cuisine or to the variety of food. They mainly consider the eating/cuisine as another necessary thing to do but NOT as something really pleasurable or artistic. For example, my host mother said once she doesn’t mind eating the same food like rice and…

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