20 days and counting until Canada!

Only 20 short days to get rid of almost all of our stuff, pack and move out of our apartment! We will be leaving for Canada on March 24th to visit my friend Sheila in Alberta Canada! Then on the 30th we fly out of Calgary to Cordova Alaska and embark on our next adventure there.

Our last day working for PCL will be on the 22nd. It’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to the people we’ve been supporting for almost two years now. We hope we can stay in touch and visit when we are in Oregon.


We already had our last day volunteering for YWAM Salem’s kitchen. We will definitely be back, hopefully soon.

We are going to be super busy, picking up as many extra shifts as possible at work while moving! We want to get rid of everything that we’re not taking with us to Alaska. When we arrive, they fly us out to the island in a tiny float plane, so we can only bring one backpack each. All of our stuff has to weigh under 80 pounds, with our heavy rain gear being the majority of that weight. We don’t own much to begin with, but it’s freeing to get rid of the excess. My camera and a few essentials is all that will be going with us!

We can’t wait to get back up to the island!!



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