Exploring Vancouver B.C

Once we got settled in at The Batcave we decided to explore the enormous city of Vancouver. We found plenty of Poutine (Canadian fries covered in gravy and cheese curds) and essential oil shops. There are herbal supplement stores and essential oil shops throughout downtown. We had an amazing breakfast at the Tangent Cafe and walked through so many organic produce markets. We had a great time being tourists and taking tons of pictures!




And then I went a little nuts taking pictures of all the produce…




Then we got on the Greyhound bus headed to Calgary Alberta! 12 hours and 638 miles later we arrived in Alberta at 10 in the morning to find my friend Sheila waiting for us at the bus station. I met Sheila four years ago in Kenya during my DTS where we were roommates. We spent the next few days exploring Alberta with our wonderful friend who we haven’t seen in way too long.


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