Todd. Hippie Cove.

We had the most wonderful Couchsurfing experience with Todd.

We arrived in Cordova and began wandering looking for dinner. We found a Mexican food bus. It was delicious. Then we were picked up by Todd in his beat up Jeep with no interior. He blasted bluegrass music as we drove and introduced ourselves finally reaching his awesome house at “Hippie Cove” (A place where people have been living in community since the 70’s). He welcomed us in and showed us around his beautiful home. Complete with X-tra Tuff boots, cast iron pans, an assortment of mugs, a fireplace, artwork from travelers passing through and plenty of tea to choose from…everything my heart desires. No electricity or running water. You have to take a bucket out to the woods if need be.

Todd gave us Alaskan Amber Ale, made us venison and potatoes for dinner and lit a fire outside when the sun went down.

We talked and drank tea telling stories around the fire until the middle of the night. In the morning, he drove us to the PWSAC office in his fire truck. He drives a fire truck from the 70’s that he bought from the City of Cordova a few years ago. He gave us a few cans of home cooked pink salmon and sent us on our way.




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