We flew out of Cordova in the afternoon heading for Esther Island. After a beautiful float plane ride we arrived at our new home.



While we were in Cordova everyone warned us of the dampness, the rain and the bears when tenting in this part of Alaska, suggesting that we pitch our tent inside of another tent. We only have one, so we thought that wouldn’t be an option. So when we arrived we began to look around for a good place to pitch our new home. We found the perfect thing! A storage tent out of the way toward Esther Lake. We moved a bunch of lumber that was inside and pitched our tent. We stayed dry even though the rain poured down all night long. The next morning we began working right away in the incubation room. A few hours into work, the maintenance man (Jerry) told us that we needed to move our new home because he needed to get into the maintenance tent.

We went up there to move our tent when Jerry told us that there might be room in the abandoned house even though it is being used for storing cement and quarts. We checked it out to find it full of pallets and pallets of quarts. That didn’t stop us though, we cleared an area and moved. Now we have a tent inside an abandoned house in the Alaskan wilderness! We stay warm and dry and it’s basically a dream come true. Here’s a terrible picture of the inside, I’ll take some of the outside and of our awesome view in the next post.





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