Kyoto Finds: Inside the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Hidden in the heart of Japan’s culturally-rich Kyoto lies the beautiful Arashiyama bamboo groves.  Arashiyama is a famous destination in Kyoto dating back during the time of ancient Japan due to its pleasant natural setting. Arashiyama bares its outmost charm during sakura season or autumn and this also goes for all other Kyoto tourist spots. The bamboo grove is the highlight attraction in the district of Arashiyama and well-known tourist spot in Japan.


Take a nice scenic walk or a bicycle ride through the path of fresh green bamboos scattered all around as you gaze through the calming bamboo abundance. Bicycle rental is available to explore the district.


Arashiyama bamboo groves prove that there’s beauty that comes with unity. The sight of these green bamboos altogether just creates a different enchanting world. It was a sight that I have never seen nor imagined. It was definitely a rare scene to be in…

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