What you need to know about Rwanda

Keza's Hippie Place

Location_Rwanda_Africa.pngRwanda is a small country in East Africa – sizewise as small as the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany but inhabited by 3 times as many people. An estimation of 2015 predicts a total number of 11.2 mio people and a density of 445 inhabitants per km2. Due to the horrible incidents of 1994, the population is rather young. The language spoken is Kinyarwanda, but basically you can communicate with people in English and French. My rule of thumb: French with elderly people and English with the young ones. Their currency is the Rwandan Franc.

Rwanda is also called the “land of a thousand hills“. And not without reason: Everywhere you go, you will see hills. Since I come from the low mountain range in Germany, that made me feel at home in some way. Its mean elevation is almost 1,600 m above sea level but you…

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