Weekly Update | Market Day

Hey guys! It’s been another week here at the YWAM Kigali Base. We’ve been busy with all of our DTS stuff as usual. We have been so blown away with the mysterious ways that God works.

A few years ago to make some extra money, I started a dread maintenance service in our tiny house and then in our small apartment. I didn’t think it would ever relate to ministry. It was fun, we made some extra cash and that was it. Since being here in Rwanda I have used that skill more than ever. Our friends’ wife has dreadlocks and she hasn’t been able to go to the salon in a long time because they have been really struggling financially. She was thinking of cutting her hair off that she had grown out for 10 years. Instead, I was able to maintain her dreads for her and it has been such a blessing to both of us.

This last week I put dreads in for one of our students so that she doesn’t have to worry about her hair during outreach.


Paul has been teaching one of our DTS students how to play the guitar. It’s been really fun just having them over and spending time with them outside of DTS. One of our students has wanted to learn to play the guitar for as long as he can remember and now Paul is able to teach him.


The lecture this week was about destiny by design. We had an amazing speaker from Tanzania who Paul had met on his outreach there three years ago. The students were all super inspired and dreaming of all of the amazing things that they are capable of doing in life.

Saturday and Wednesday are market days in Kabeza, the small area that we live in. We went with some of our students to the market on Saturday and walked for about an hour until the quite dirt road turns into a loud busy open air market. After sorting through piles of used clothes, finding a pair of jeans for just $1.00 and getting some freshly fried mandazi it started to rain. We all took shelter under an awning as it poured. Then finally when it let up we took bicycle taxis back to the base. Those bikes go super fast down bumpy dirt roads and we actually got air a few times and once his chain fell off; but all in all it was a successful shopping trip.

We’re looking forward to next week hearing from one of the staff members here at the base speak about worldview.


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