Weekly Update | Almost time for outreach…

Hey guys! It’s hard to believe that it’s been another week. We thought that it would be super easy to update our blog weekly but the days have been flying by. This is us trying to get a picture for our blog this week…We eventually just gave up, so here you go:

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This week we learned about biblical worldview from two staff members here. They are a couple, the wife is from America (Bre) and her husband (Teo) is from Rwanda. They had a fascinating teaching about how their lives have been a continual lesson on biblical worldview. They taught about how almost everything we believe is a product of our culture and our experiences and as christians that shouldn’t be. Everything we believe should be because of the bibles teachings, rather than how we were raised, or the church that we happened to have grown up in or whatever non-biblical influence might be shaping our thinking and our worldview. I think it was a super impactful week for everyone.

Bre shared an awesome story about God providing everything they needed to come here. They have been living in the states for the last eight years but have always known that their permanent ministry would be here in Rwanda. So they felt God telling them to prepare to go. They needed a lot of support because they have four kids. So they set an amount that they needed before they would be able to go, which was huge because they are planning on being here indefinitely. Over the course of one year they were able to raise half of the support that they needed. They were discouraged because it was taking longer than they had expected. God told them to just pick a date that they would move here and trust him for that day. So they picked a day in December of 2017. The day was approaching and they still didn’t have the money that they needed; then in September they got a check for almost everything that they still needed. They came here in December and were planning on selling their house and that would give them the rest of their support money. In the beginning of January they got a call that the heat had broken in their house and the pipes had frozen and burst. They needed new plumbing and new flooring. They didn’t know what to do. They thought about going home to fix everything, but God told them to stay here. Their entire community came together and built two new bathrooms, put in all new flooring, all new carpeting, new plumbing and a brand new heating system for them for free. They just found out that their house is worth for $10,000 more than what they were going to sell it for before the water damage happened. They now have everything that they need to stay here for 15 years and with the extra money they are going to support our students so that all of them can go on outreach!

We are planning on going on outreach a week from today and now the whole class will be able to go and complete their DTS. We are still planning all of the details and hopefully we will make some final decisions on Monday. We do know that we will be spending our entire outreach in different parts of the Eastern Province of Rwanda. We will be working in a small village called Bukora for the first three weeks coming alongside a Rwandese YWAM couple who have lived and worked in the area for years. There is no electricity in the entire area so you won’t be hearing from us for a little while, but we are excited for the adventure. Then, we will be going to the Mahama Refugee Camp. We will be there for a month working with Burundian refugees. We will be working with pregnant women and new moms. In the past three months there has been 1,000 babies born in the camp. There is not adequate health care for the mothers or the babies. The camp was built for an estimated 50,000 people to live in it, there are now 150,000 people living in the camp due to the situation in Burundi. Throughout our DTS we have been praying for peace in Burundi and for God to provide homes for refugees outside of Burundi so we are excited and expectant to see all the incredible things God is going to do during that time. The last three weeks we will be working with a YWAM development centre started by some YWAMers who used to live in our apartment. We visited them in February and were super impressed by their ministry so we look forward to working with them. God has been speaking incredible things about our outreach and we can’t wait to see what happens.

The last Saturday of every month is Umuganda here. Umuganda is a community work day; the entire country works from 8:00am to 11:00am on whatever project that the community leader decides. Our community of Samuduha dug a ditch today so that the rainwater doesn’t continue to wash out the dirt road on our street. It’s a lot of fun, we get see all of our neighbors and now most of the community knows us.

We’re so thankful to be having this wonderful time in Rwanda. Join us on our adventures!

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