Change Of Plans

Hey guys! So our plans have changed. A few days ago we thought we would be with our team on outreach right now; but we are actually going to be back in Oregon very very soon. Paul needs to have some medical treatment and we feel like it would be wise to have it done in Oregon with a doctor that we know and trust. After praying with everyone on the base here in Rwanda and with our supporters back home we feel like God is directing us in this decision. We will in Portland on Sunday April 16th.

It’s been amazing to experience the peace of God in this whole situation. Before we knew anything, God gave us this song:

We know that God is so very faithful and that he’s got us. So we are busy packing everything and getting all ready to go to Oregon. Our DTS team left for outreach on Saturday and brought all of the donations for the refugee camp. It’s so awesome to see how God has used this DTS so far to transform their lives and we know that this is only the beginning! We’re looking forward to hearing all of their stories from outreach.

We still don’t know our plans beyond going home and getting some medical treatment, but we’ll keep you posted once we know more. We want to thank you guys for all of your prayers and support.


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