Daily Journal 4/20/2018

Today I drove to Salem for work; it was a typical day of work.

Kim called me at work and said that she needed my help to take Steve to the hospital. He needed an X-ray. I said I could do it as soon as I got off work. I was excited to honestly. I like hanging out with Steve. I was also happy to have a chance to help out the family in a way that I knew I could.

I helped Steve get his X-rays at the hospital. Sue came with me and I was glad to have her there. Steve really likes her. He still calls her Melissa, which makes me smile.

Sue and I stopped in the woods on the way home after dropping Steve off. We wanted to see what kind of mushrooms were popping up after all the rain we had recently. We found a new kind of mushroom we have never seen before. It has a white stem and is heart-shaped. I was excited to investigate it. Then we took some ridiculous photos of us running through the woods. My watch flung off as I was sprinting and it really cracked me up for some reason.

We had a lot of fun in the woods. It was so mossy and magical out there. I can’t wait to go on more mushroom hunts now that the weather is warming up.

After that we met my dad at his house. He was gonna help us move the motorhome back to our apartment. He helped us fill it up with gas and propane and put air in the tires. We took his dog Annabelle with us. Sue had to push her off the passenger seat to climb in. Annabelle’s built like a pig on steroids. Then Dad and Sue helped me park the motorhome onto blocks to level it. It was funny to have them both directing me.

Then Sue and I worked on the motorhome for a while. Sue wood stained the booth we just built. I made her breakfast for dinner while she worked and then we ate it in the motorhome with the fumes from the stain gassing out our brains. Camille, our roommate, came in while we were eating and we talked for a while.

Then we went to Amy and Jesus’s house to play games. A few of our friends were already there. We had a great time. We played Taboo and Scategories. I loved seeing what Sue would come up with. She’s extra funny to me for some reason. Everyone was having a great time.

Then Sue and I stayed up in bed for until about one in the morning talking. We do that pretty often. We talk for hours.

It was a really great day. We filled it to the brim.


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