Daily Journal 4/21/2018

Today I woke up around 8:20 AM. It felt so good to sleep in. I texted Chris to see if he wanted to come with me into Salem to give Sue a ride to work so that we could play some disc golf.

I dropped Sue off at the frame shop and then Chris and I went to Life Source to get her a lunch. I always try to pick out food that I think Sue will like the best. She likes healthy stuff, so I got her some quinoa salad and some sweet potato thing. I try not to linger inside her work too long because I don’t want to get her in trouble, but I love seeing her working on frames and helping customers. She does such a good job.

Then Chris and I drove to a course kind of far away. We played a round of disc golf. Sue texted me that we could come back and have lunch with her if we were still in town, so afterwards we drove back to the frame shop and picked Sue up and took her to Great Harvest. She ate her Life Source lunch in Great Harvest, which I thought was funny. Sue does that kind of thing. I got a turkey sandwich.

Then I took Chris home and Sue back to work. I had a few hours to work on the motor home before picking sue back up. I listened to a podcast sermon Sue’s mom sent me while I worked. It was about relinquishing fear. I prayed again that God would help me live a life completely without fear. Something in you changes when you realize that life is supposed to be lived absolutely fearlessly.

When I picked Sue up she was in a good mood. That made me glad. She’s super funny and laughy when she’s happy. We decided to text our roommate Camille and see if she wanted to go to a movie. We met up with her and shopped around Salem for a bit while we waited for the movie. Sue went to the dressing room and I suddenly became starving, so I literally ran down the street to a Jimmy Johns sandwich place and scarfed a sandwich and then returned back to the store.

At the theater we held up the whole line for a long time while we fiddled with our Movie Passes. It was all our fault. I just didn’t realize that I was logged in as Sue and she was logged in as me, so we just switched passes and then got in.

We watched I Feel Pretty. It was funny. We had to separate from Camille though because the theater was so full.

After the movie we came home and Tom invited us over to his house. It was kind of late so Sue stayed home, but I went over there for a bit. We basically just hung out with him and our other friends. We went for a walk and talked. I just continued walking after they stopped and went home. Then Sue and I stayed up until 1am again.


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