Daily Journal 4/23/2018

I stayed up late and woke up early again. I was in a dreamy daze all morning long. I finally came to around lunch time. I was so excited for the sunny day that I texted Chris and asked if he wanted to meet up after work and play a quick round of disc golf.

I knew Sue had her writing class until 4:00 PM so I had about two hours to play before she got home. Chris and I talked about his wife’s new job as a PE teacher. He’s excited for her, especially since she’s about to finish her masters degree.

I also played the best I’ve ever played. I parred the course, which is my new personal best. That’s not a great score by the way. But that’s okay. Chris and I play for fun. We like to talk and walk around getting exercise. I also like to see what mushrooms are growing on the ground while we hike around. Chris has to wait for me as I take pictures of different shrooms.

When I got back Sue was already home from class. She was waiting for me to go to the bank with her. We really needed to go to the bank. I had negetive 17 dollars in my bank account, so we were going to turn in our change. Sue also had some checks to cash. Which really helped us out. We decided to walk there since it was so beautiful outside. We walked to my bank, and then to Sue’s bank. We still use separate banks.

On our way home Sue stopped at Corinne’s house. They were meeting up to hang out and work on her tiny house that she is building. While Sue was with Corinne I worked on the motor home. I was stretched across the loft area painting and this huge fly was buzzing all around me and attacking me. I swatted him with my paint brush, and he got paint on his wings. I watched him as he tried to fly but couldn’t get off the ground.

I was all sweaty then when I finished so I showered in like two minutes because I had to meet back up with Sue at the prayer meeting that we go to. We are involved in a worship night that we have around here where we meet up with people from different churches and denominations and worship. We do it every last Saturday of the month.

After the worship night meeting Sue went over to Amy’s to meal prep, except I don’t think they meal prepped because Sue texted me hours later that she found out that she can plank for three minutes! I was severely impressed.

My friend Lanae came over just as I was about to go to bed actually. I stayed up and talked with her until Sue and Camille got back.


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