Daily Journal 4/24/2018

Today my coworkers and I planted a garden at work. A few months ago I noticed that we had a raised bed in the front yard of the house that I work at, so I asked if we could plant in it this spring. I promised that I would help take care of the plants and water them in the morning.

One of my coworkers is a good gardener already, so she came in and together we shopped for plants and soil and stuff. Then during our team meeting we all got to go outside and plant the vegetables. Sue told me that she would be walking by with our nephew Amadeo. I was super excited for all of my coworkers to meet Sue. I kept my eye out for her but she never walked by.

When I got home Sue told me that Amadeo had a cold. Sue had piles she had taken out of her closet that she wanted to donate. She said she’s downsizing in preparation for the motor home. We live pretty minimally anyways. Sue goes on a rampage getting rid of most of our stuff at least once a year.

Sue and I made our own raised bed a while ago and we’ve been waiting to plant in it. I was already all inspired so we went out and bought some plants and seeds and soil. It was fun to plant the vegetables. I can’t wait for them to grow! Sue was obsessed with breaking up all the compost chunks. She likes that soil completely smooth.

Then I went on a jog. I was planning on going farther than I normally do. I succeeded and made it out a little farther into the country. I had to stop for a bit to admire the sun setting over mountains and worship God for creating such an amazing planet.

When I got back Sue was working out by herself. She switched into her workout clothes and was doing a core workout.

I decided to clean the whole apartment while Sue worked out and studied. I want Sue to be able to study with a clear mind and I feel like it helps when she’s not in a chaotic environment.

I sat next to Sue while she studied and then did some flashcards with her. Then Sue and I talked and watched movies in bed and stayed up late again. I’ve been planning on, and failing to, go to bed early since I married Sue. I couldn’t ask for a better life.


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