Daily Journal 4/25/2018

Today I made myself a green smoothie like I do in the morning. Then I went to work. I had a pretty good day at work. I decided to make dinner for the house that I work at, since I had some extra time. I ended up going a little crazy making tacos. I wont even say how I did it because it’s so insane.20180425_231837.jpg

When I came home from work Sue was still in class. I tried to take a quick nap while she was away so that I would have energy when she got home. I really try not to be so tired, since Sue grabs life by the horns, there’s really no slowing down.

I wasn’t really able to sleep though. I don’t know why. I was so tired. But it was a good chance to lay there and just be still.

I finally decided to just get up though. When Sue got back we went for a walk together. We stopped to take some pictures next to an abandoned house where these flowers were growing wild.20180425_161506.jpg

It was so sunny and nice. Sue and I walked and talked for a while. When we got back I worked on the motor home. I was painting and it was a sauna in there. I looked like I had just stepped out of a pool by the time I was done. I remembered we had plans to see our friends Joe and Becky and I knew I had to take a shower before we went over there if we were gonna stay friends.

I quickly took a shower and then we drove to their house. Sue did her homework in the car and I’m surprised that she didn’t get nauseous because we were driving such a windy road.

Becky made us dinner and then I cut her hair. We all talked together for awhile. It was really fun. They have a baby named James. He was laughing at Joe’s fart noises, and so we all statrted laughing at Joe’s fart noises.

Sue was worried about getting all her homework done, so I said that I would make her coffee when I get up tomorrow and she can have coffee with me and then be up early to do her homework.


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