Daily Journal 4/27/2018 Store Credit and Infinity Wars

I went to Corvallis for work today. The lady that I support needed to by bed sheets. I always enjoy going to Corvallis. The people there seem to really appreciate nature and art. There also seems to be lots of homemade knitted clothing, and free trade coffee.

When I got home Amy was over with her baby Amadeo. She was talking with Sue about school. Sue has been pretty stressed out about homework and getting into a nursing program. I want to help Sue so bad but I don’t have the answers. I just want her to be happy. I would quit my job and move to an island in the middle of the ocean and just hunt wild boars and eat coconuts all day long if Sue decided that’s what she wanted.

We are still pretty low on money this month so we decided to return some things we bought at World Market for the motor home that we ended up not wanting.

The employee at World Market was crazy! He was screaming and making jokes. Sue and I laughed along with him. He said he could only give us store credit. So we got to shop around for a while. It was so fun to picture the inside of the motor home and imagine all the different things we could put in it.

We looked at towels, and rugs, and chairs, and pillows. Sue had to take all the pillows and arrange them on a couch in the store to see what they looked like together. There were some pillows on the top shelf that Sue had to climb up in order to reach. She didn’t care about anything and just scaled the wall to grab the pillow she desired. I was pretty impressed.

Sue finally decided on some these towels that had a cool textured pattern to them. I also thought they were pretty neat. And we had to spend the money anyways. It was the same cashier when we checked out. He went nuts again with his jokes.

Then we went to Lowe’s to look for hardware. We found a couple that we liked and took them back with us to test on the cupboards and drawers.

Our friend Robby called and asked if we wanted to go to the new Avengers movie. We said that sounded like fun. He wanted to go to the latest showing. We have been super tired from staying up so late and we planned on getting some sleep tonight, but I guess sleep will have to wait again.

We picked Robby up and went to the movie with him and Camille. The theater was so full that Sue had to sit with Robby and I sat with Camille separately. I was glad that Sue got to sit with her old friend. I would occasionally look back and her and see her and Robby snickering together about the movie.

Personally, I thought the movie was very convoluted. But then again I was extremely tired and probably not in my right mind.

Sue said she fell asleep during the movie. I tried to but it was like a refrigerator in the theater! I was using my coat like a blanket and I slowly morphed into a ball of despair, peeking through the gap of my insulation like a crab.

When we go back home Sue and I still didn’t go to sleep right away. We were talking about our friends and laughing together about the days excursions.


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