Daily Journal 4/28/2018 Mindless Nonsense and Grape Collagen

We woke up so late. Sue only had like ten minutes to get ready for work. I always drive her into work so she can do her makeup in the car. I usually make a smoothie for the two of us but I only had time to make coffee today.

Sue was kind of flustered and frustrated. I wanted to help her feel better but my words kept falling flat on the ground between us. Maybe I was saying all the wrong things. Maybe Sue just didn’t want to go to work. I don’t know.

I went to Life Source and tried to get her an extra special lunch. I even picked out a nice, Sue style all natural granola bar to go with it because she says that she gets so hungry while she’s working. I left the lunch for her just outside the frame shop where she works, making sure that she could see where I placed it through the window.

I worked on the motor home when I got back. I did a lot of bustling around without actually accomplishing very much. I usually listen to music or podcasts while I work out there but today I worked in silence. I wasn’t thinking anything very deep either. I wasn’t thinking anything at all really.

I knew I needed to take nap. I was fading into oblivion. Somehow though, despite my weariness, I laid down and once again sleep alluded me.

I got up after a little while and and decided to water the garden. I bought these beet seeds earlier when I picked up some caulking for the motor home project, and remembered to plant them. I read the instructions on the back and loosely followed them. The seeds were bright pink. I loved that more than anything.

Then I cleaned up a little bit in the kitchen because I couldn’t help it before going back out to the motor home. I was only able to work on it for a while before it was time to pick up Sue.

Sue asked me to bring her dry shampoo and I set it by the door and everything but still forgot it! I couldn’t believe it. We stopped off at a store looking for dry shampoo because I felt like I had to make up for forgetting it. We didn’t find any that would work with Sue’s tar black hair, but we did find some collagen. It was grape flavored. It tasted like drinking gum.

We went straight to the Night Of Worship at Guthrie barn. We worshiped for like two hours. Sue prayed for a lady and I think it was really powerful. Sue got all sorts of profound revelations and we talked about them on the car ride home.

At home we had such a wonderful time! I did the dishes as Sue goofed around on the couch and we laughed and talked together. Sue was rolling around and being so funny. We watched this survival show and the guy on it was throwing up from dehydration. We were snapping portions of the show and sending them to our friends.


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