Daily Journal 4/29/2018 Regurgitation and Conversation

I slept in until 10:00 AM today. I’ve practically never slept in that much before, but it felt so good. Corinne was already texting us, asking if we wanted a ride to church.

I watered the garden right after I woke up. The feeling of watering a garden in the morning sun is a celestial experience. Sue opened our bedroom window while I was watering and was talking to me through the screen. I couldn’t really hear what she was saying but I could hear her laughing.

I made a morning smoothie, like I do, and then Corinne picked us up for church. For some reason I tend to get carsick every time I sit in the back seat of a car. By the time we made it to church I thought I might throw up the smoothie. I figured it would look exactly the same as when I drank it down.

The feeling quickly faded though, and we chose a seat near the front next to some friends. One of the pastors gave a really good message about having a community that can guide you and give you unbiased, wise advice.

After church Sue and I went over to my parent’s house for lunch. Sue helped my mom in the kitchen. She was making some spinach noodles and a citrus coleslaw. Sue is so friendly with my parents. She’s so sweet with my entire family actually. My brother and his wife didn’t make it today, so it was just Sue and I eating with my parents. It was really nice actually. The food was great and we talked and enjoyed each other.

When Sue and I got home we worked on the motor home together. It was encouraging to see our progress coming together, and it was fun to work with Sue. We were working on separate projects and listening to a Radiolab podcast.

Soon it was time to go to Sue’s family dinner. We ate delicious meatballs and veggies and hung out with Sue’s brothers and her sister Amy, her husband Jesus and Corinne. We got into a debate about who had the most grip strength and we all thought it was Sue, since she has claws like a hydraulic press.

We designed a test that we thought would determine who had the most grip strength compared to their size and Sue and her brother Zeb were the experiments. We had each of them grip a towel and then pulled upwards on the towel until one of them couldn’t hang on any longer. It was pretty close between Sue and Zeb. Zeb’s really freakin’ strong, but Sue’s grip seemed to match his. We were all very impressed.

Then Sue and I did homework together on the couch. Corinne came to join us and Sue’s brother Daniel brought us popcorn that was so oily that there was a pool on the bottom of the bowl. We hoarked it down like pig’s slop and our hands were shiny with grease.


We talked with Corinne for a while on the couches. We talked about all sorts of things. I love seeing her and Sue together. She’s such a good friend and support for Sue.

At home I prepped the coffee pot for the next day and Sue stayed up with Corinne and Camille and another friend of ours talking. I fell asleep in the bedroom listening to their muffled voices and laughter in the other room.


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