Daily Journal – The Fat Around The Eyeball

While I was at work today Chris texted me that he was getting off early because it was such a nice day outside. He asked if I wanted to disc golf. I always do. I told him I could meet him at 2:30 PM at the course.

He was late. I was worried because I told Sue I would definitely be home in time to study with her in the bio lab. Chris and I zoomed through the course. We had to skip a couple holes because there were some people picnicking in the way. We stood there for a while hoping that they would notice us and let us throw, but they didn’t care.

Chris stopped for a burrito but I just zipped on home. Chris met us back at our place and we hung out for a few minutes before Sue and I walked over to the bio lab.

I had to leave my drink outside the lab. I also had to pretend like I was a biology student. I fit right in though. No one suspected…at first.

Sue had so much to study. I couldn’t believe how much she knows! She was looking at a model of the brain and she could name pretty much every part of it! Nerves, lobes, medula oblingatas….

Then Sue went and got a cow eyeball to dissect. Partly for study purposes and partly just to show me. She had to cut away so much fat before we could see the good stuff. Then she sliced it open with a scalpel. It looked like a jellyfish was fighting a mussel. Sue showed me the lens. It was a little clear oblong globe. The second I grabbed it it I squeezed to hard and it shot out of my hands and flew across the room! We acted nonchalant so no one would kick us out.

I quizzed Sue on all the parts over and over. She is a genious.


Then we came home and smoked a cigar and hung out next to our raised bed on our back porch. I turned on the hanging lights Sue strung out there. We talked until it got dark.

When we came inside Sue was going to keep studying. I told her I would buy her study snacks. She demanded onion rings. Camille said she wanted some too. Then they both just ended up coming with me.

We putered our way through the good ol’ DQ drive through, ordered a corn-ama-dog each and then continued to the grocery store for more goods.

We spotted some sort of critter, meandering across the parking lot on our way in. It was a nutria! I chased it, a little scared to actually catch it. Sue told me they can be pretty vicious.

We shopped at the store and then came home. Sue and I studied for a while longer in bed. Eventually I fell asleep.


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