Daily Journal: A Weekend All over

My brother Peter is moving from Southern Oregon to Ontario Oregon. He called me and asked if I could come help him move. At first I said I didn’t have time, but then I reconsidered after my dad told me that he could really use my help. My dad has had a couple hernias now and really shouldn’t be doing that much lifting. I told Peter he would have to fly me home so that I could get back in time to work on Monday morning.

I drove down with my parents. It was fun. We stopped at a health food store in Corvallis and got tons of snacks. Also the rest areas were so green and lush and amazing.

When we got to Peter’s we saw that he rented two of the largest U-haul trucks they make. We pretty much got right to it. We Loaded them up with everything he owned. There wasn’t much of a system to it. We just grabbed whatever we could see and threw it in.

Peter’s wife Whitney was cleaning the house as we went, and their two daughters were spending the night at Whitney’s sisters house.

After we packed everything up there was nowhere to sleep. Not even a pillow. My parents wanted to rent a hotel but I told them I would blow up the air mattress they brought. They said I couldn’t do it with just my breath, but I did. Except the mattress ended up deflating in the night and my dad woke up with a twisted aching spine.

Peter woke me up at 6 a.m. to return a trailer he was borrowing from a friend. I was super tired but I went with him. The sunrise was worth it.

Mom and dad and Whitney were awake when we came back. And Peter’s girls were home. I said hi to them. They both said “Hi Uncle Paul,” in the highest pitched chipmunk voices I’ve ever heard.

We got everything loaded and hit the road. I had to drive one of the big U-hauls. I was pretty nervous, but I can drive pretty much anything. I almost careened off the road a few times, but I ended up not dying.

It was such an awesome experience to see Oregon like that. So vast, and eclectic. The desert was breathtaking. I almost went off the road when I was captivated by a particularly spectacular view.

When we got to Peter’s new house I called Sue and told her that I was still alive. Then I helped Peter unpack. Peter already had some friends there to help us. I don’t know how he knows them, but they were cool.

Our other friend Nathan showed up. He’s super funny. He lives around there I guess and him and Peter will be hanging out a lot now. Nathan told me about what’s going on in his life and we talked and carried boxes and chairs and kids toys.

Then I slept on a random mattress I found. I guess I was in the girls play room because they woke me up the next morning trying to come in.

I searched for some left-over pizza for breakfast but there was none. We were all pretty desperate for some coffee, so Peter drove us to a local coffee shop and we all tanked up on caffeine and smoothies. Then we finished unloading. Nathan came back to help. We were glad to see him.

After that we were all pretty hungry again so we went out to eat. Nathan came and he sniped Peter on the bill. Peter insisted that he didn’t have to pay, since he helped us unload and stuff, but Nathan counter insisted.

Nathan drove me to the airport in Boise. I flew Alaskan Airlines. I sat next to a nice guy from Portland on the flight. He was funny. We talked about what we were doing in Boise. I got a beer on the flight. I didn’t even know I could do that, but they gave me one in a small cup.

In Portland I winded through the airport like a lab rat until I found my way out. I called my grandma and told her about the trip while I waited for Sue and Corinne to pick me up. I asked Corinne to come get me along with Sue because, even though Sue’s a good driver, it’s still a long way for her to drive.

We drove home and caught up about our weekends. I was so glad to see Sue again. We’ve never been apart for that long since we got married. It was a pretty intense weekend, moving is always stressful. I went all over the place.


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