Daily Journal: Sue v.s Bee

In the morning I couldn’t do anything I was so tired. I couldn’t even pour myself a bowl of Grape Nuts or eat my usual smoothie. I could only drink a cup of coffee because I set the timer on the pot the night before. I sat at our small table in the quiet morning, looking at the sun rise pale yellow through the window, thinking nothing.

After work I found Sue working away in the motor home. I joined her for a little bit. I told Sue I wanted to take a nap. Sue said she didn’t mind at all, and in fact wanted me to nap. She wants me to get more sleep.

I woke up in a sweaty flurry. I think I slept really hard. I had to drink a cup of room temp coffee to wake back up. Then I went back out to the motor home to work with Sue. We did lots of different stuff. Sue kept stepping back to envision the entire area. She has such a good eye for design.

A bee somehow found his way into the motor home and we flopped around cartoon style for a while escaping him before retreating outside. I had to open the door and wait for him to find his way back out. It was hilarious and terrifying.

Sue went over to her sister Amy’s house. I dropped her off and then went to the store. We’ve hardly had to buy any groceries this month, since we’ve been so frugal and eating from food banks and just taking food people are throwing away. But I needed a few things for my morning smoothies. I’m really working on this energy level thing.

Then I came home and crawled in bed. By the time I laid down Sue asked for a ride home. I picked her up. When we got back we watched Parks and Rec bed together until it was passed midnight again without us noticing. Then I drifted off to sleep.


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