Daily Journal: Mothers Day

Sue and I woke up early even though it was one of our only days to sleep in. I made some strong coffee and then we worked on Sue’s homework. I helped her write a paper for her writing class on gender inequality in the work place. I hope we get an A!

We were planning to meet at Sue’s sister Amy’s house at 11:00AM. We were only a few minutes late. The plan was to go get coffee, then to a wildlife preservation in Corvallis with a hike, then out to lunch. We were celebrating Mother’s Day.

I drove our car with Sue and her brothers Daniel and Zeb. We met back up with the fam at Coffee Culture. I already had coffee so I got a muffin for breakfast. Sue got a lavender coffee though and we shared.

I talked with Daniel on the couch while the fam sipped their respective almond milk, extra shot, latte drinks.

Then we hit the wildlife preservation. As soon as we entered we saw them showing the owl. I was pretty captivated. I think we all were. I learned (or re-learned, since I think I remembered this from when I was a kid,) that owls don’t move their eyeballs. That’s why they turn their heads 360 degrees.

We explored the whole place. They had skeletons and pelts and other birds. We went for a short hike on the trials they had there and saw some bug larvae and a swamp. The forest was pristine and breathtaking.

We made it back to the main grounds and they were showing a red tailed hawk. The red tailed hawk is my brother Peter’s favorite bird. Maybe favorite animal. He always says that he has hawk eyes. And it’s true.

The hawk was pretty cool. I like when it tried to fly away and got reeled back in.

We were all pretty hungry by the time they finished the demonstration so we left to get lunch in Corvallis. We ate at Sky High, as restaurant with like 3 levels. Zeb and I went to the roof to check out the view and play cornhole while we were waiting for a table.

Sue an I split a burger. We usually split our meal. It’s half the cost and we end up feeling just as satisfied.

We all went home with the plan to meet back up again for a walk and ice cream. Sue and I messed around and worked on homework before returning to Amy’s to drive in her new minivan to Sue’s parents house. We then took a walk by the creek. Zeb jumped in the water. He can never resist jumping in the water.

We walked a long ways for over an hour and then went to Dairy Queen. They got our order wrong, but that was great because then we got to keep the mistake food.

We didn’t stay long at the farm before returning home. Sue and I continued to do some homework before going to bed. I had a pretty good day. My legs were a little sore from so much walking, but I like that feeling.


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