Daily Diary: Paul Captain Crunch Bunyan

We had a team fun day today at work. That basically means that we all go out as a team and spend the whole day doing whatever we want. It’s mandatory. I have to admit that I was looking forward to it a little bit. Probably because I could go out instead of be working.

My boss brought in some donuts. Another coworker of mine brought T-shirts. We all decorated them to represent our individual personalities and interests. I drew Capn’ Crunch tearing his way through the trees like an angry Paul Bunyan.

We went to Bullwinkles Family Fun Center. It was pretty hilarious. We mini golfed. We were smashing our golf balls all the way across the course and almost taking out a few kids. The go carts were pretty fun too. I careened into a few innocent children driving. No one got hurt.

We played laser tag and did a big zip line ride. I thought I would be hilarious and scream “stop the ride,” at the top of my lungs halfway down. There was no way they could stop it of course. I was just messing with the workers. They loved it.

Then we all went out to eat. It was all on the company bill so we stuffed ourselves. I actually had a pretty good time. I worked 12 hours that day too.

When we got back I zipped home. Sue was still at Amy’s. We had plans to take my mom out since we didn’t see her on Mother’s Day. It was passed dinner time by now though so I offered to take her to dessert.

I picked Sue up and then we went over to my mom and dad’s house. My mom was already changed into her pajamas so we just stayed home. She already had some left over cake anyways so we had cake and ice cream, and steak. My dad also happened to be cooking up a steak.

Then we looked at old photos of me as a baby. There was one of me in the hospital the day I was born. My mom was still in the bed holding me all bundled up and my dad and older brother Peter were standing beside the bed. The picture was labeled, “Peter, 17 months.” Honestly it made me laugh. We all laughed.

I dropped Sue back off at Amy’s and then tried to do a few chores. I was so wiped out though I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I fell asleep in bed I think before my head hit the pillow.


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